HIBP Offline Check

A fully-featured KeePass plugin for Have I Been Pwned (HIBP).

It was originally designed as a way to check your KeePass passwords offline, using the text file provided by HIBP, however it now supports online checking as well by implementing the k-anonimity method that HIBP provides. It also features bloom filter support, single/multiple/all password checks, customizable configuration an more.


A side panel plugin for Vim and Neovim.

Vimpanel expands on NERDTree, allowing multiple directory roots that can be expanded independently to be added to the panel. It also includes multiple quality of life features that are detailed on the GitHub repository.


A powerful buffer switcher for Vim and Neovim.

It allows you to switch between files in Vim using a minimum number of keystrokes and has multiple ways of displaying files opened in the editor (called buffers in Vim). With the propper key mappings it can really boost your productivity. I honestly think this is and underrated plugin and would benefit a lot more people if they knew about it. If you're using Vim and stumbled upon this page, please give bufstop a try. I personally use it every day and it makes my life much easier. Alternatively, if you know a better way to switch buffers in Vim, please contact me, I'd like to know about it.


The website builder used to create this site.

I created this out of frustration with the unnecessarily complex static site generators and website builders available today. Smolpress contains only a few hundred lines of code (although it's still work in progress) but it gets the job done and fits my needs.

linq for javascript

This is a javascript implementation of the .NET LINQ library.

The original version was written by Yoshifumi Kawai for the browser.
I adapted the library for node.js a few years ago and I've been maintaining it ever since, with contributions from several people.